Are you visiting or living in our region and did or do you need an ambulance? Here you can read how the ambulance system works, what the costs are and how to reach us.

Call 112
If you urgently need an ambulance, please call 112. You will get someone on the phone who will ask where you are and to which service you want to be connected: police, ambulance or the fire brigade. If you need an ambulance, you will be connected to our Dispatch Center. They will ask where you are exactly, so if you don’t know for sure please check Google Maps or the street signs. They will then ask what exactly has happened. Additional questions are then asked, answer these as best you can. The ambulance is often sent on its way during the questioning so answering the questions does not cause any delays. The costs of an ambulance in the Netherlands for people who don’t live here and don’t pay health insurance is around €700,-. You will only need to pay for this in case you are taken to the hospital. If the ambulance only comes and stabilizes you on the spot but you don’t need to be transported, there are no costs.

Do you still have questions about ambulance care in our region, please contact our helpdesk. You can find their information here.

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